Sen. Lindsey Graham Just Opened Up A Can On Pelosi – Destroys Her Gov’t Shutdown Trip

Sen. Lindsey Graham 2.0 is a force to be reckoned with and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is finding that out and fast. He just opened up a can on Pelosi and destroyed her government shutdown trip. It didn’t take much either – the message was sweet and succinct: “To Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats,” Graham tweeted. “No Wall Money, No Deal.”

The South Carolina Republican Senator is a staunch supporter of President Trump and of building the wall. He has previously urged Trump to “dig in and not give in.” Who knew that Graham would become the backbone of Republican politics and a strongman that could stand up to leftists like this.

The House passed a stopgap funding bill on Dec. 20 that included $5.7 billion for a border wall, however, with a 51-seat majority in the Senate, Republicans fell short of the necessary 60 votes needed to send it to President Donald Trump’s desk for signature.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer vowed to kill the legislation on arrival in the Senate, and consequently, a government shutdown has been in effect since funding expired Dec. 21.

Pelosi has reportedly walked away from further shutdown negotiations and pledged not to appropriate a single dollar toward funding a wall. The California congresswoman promised to put forth a funding bill that does not include any of Trump’s demands when she assumes the speakership in January.

Graham has been a vocal advocate for building a wall. In early December he urged Trump not to concede funding, but rather stand strong and require at least $5 billion in appropriations.

“If I were the president, I would dig in and not give in on additional wall funding — I’d want the whole $5 billion because the caravan is a game changer,” the South Carolina senator said. “$1.6 billion is available to the president, he wants $5 billion, and after the caravan, if you don’t see the need for additional border wall security, you’re just not paying much attention.”

So, while Nancy Pelosi is living it up with other millionaires in Hawaii, Graham is telling her to get stuffed over not funding the border wall. That’s the kind of leadership we need. Trump has not only canceled his Christmas plans to work on the border wall funding, he’s also canceled his New Year’s plans as well. But the left parties on… as clueless and out of touch as ever.

While Pelosi calls Trump a “fear monger,” Americans are suffering the left supporting illegal aliens such as the one that just killed a Californian police officer who has a five-month-old son. Pelosi blathered: “He talked about terrorists coming in over that particular border, which wasn’t so,” Pelosi said. “He’s using scare tactics that are not evidence-based, and it’s wrong.” Tell that to the family of that officer.

Lindsey Graham is right… no money for the border wall, no deal. Period. Pelosi can ponder that while she lives it up on the Big Island.



  1. carl wilson

    January 2, 2019 at 1:50 pm

    we the people want a wall you retarded democrats are going to have the people of the usa invoke our constitoinal rights and take our government back remember you work for us their are over 63 million of us deplorables and we have enough power to get rid of you scum usa citizens come first so listen to what we are saying or we will take the law into our own hands ps over 250 million gun owners in this country think about it wall or war

  2. R

    January 2, 2019 at 5:43 pm

    Nancy Pelosi needs to apologize to the family of the slain officer. This happened in her State by an illegal immigrant and from a sanctuary settlement that she approved of. She is the murderer in every since of the word!

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