REPORT: The Arizona Senate Race Makes No Sense When You Look At The Numbers

Americans cannot really cope with the idea that the Arizona Senate race went this bad. It is impossible to get the whole picture just by looking at the numbers. This is wrong at so many levels, and we would really like if someone offers an explanation on this one.

R – 1,213,849
D – 889,000

R – 1,059,000

D – 1,097,000


If you ask Americans, they will all say that these numbers make no sense. Why on Earth would Republicans vote for the Governor’s race and not the Senate? Can we get an explanation? Anyone?

“You mean to tell me Arizona voted for a GOP governor by 400,000 votes, but elected a Democrat senator by only 40K? Bridge for sale. Martha McSally needs to

demand a recount and sue over the already-proven illegal votes.”

“So the Republican Governor in Arizona managed to win by almost 400,000 votes.. But the Senate Race.. That’s the other way around..  Anyone really buying this?”

Well, we are not buying this one, that’s a sure bet.

“Make no mistake, what you’re seeing happened in Broward and Palm Beach counties has as much to do with 2020 as it does with 2018. The Democrats want to see how overtly they can try to steal an election without law-enforcement getting involved,” John Cardillo tweeted.

“Suspicious that Maricopa County won it for uber-leftist Sinema at the same time the same county went wildly for both Trump and the Republican Governor. Very very very suspicious,” Bill Mitchell wrote on the matter.

“If I were @MarthaMcSally I would be getting the lawyers ready. No way Maricopa County who repeatedly voted for Joe Arpaio as Sheriff is all of the sudden OK with electing a Senate candidate who said Americans joining the Taliban was acceptable. Something fishy going on in AZ,” James Woods put the cherry on top.

Democrats are too desperate to win every race they get part in. It is about time that authorities stop the nonsense.

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