Rapper ‘50 Cent’ Had Enough Of Joy Behar’s Race-Baiting And Dismantles Her On Live TV.

Raper 50 Cent went on “The View” and used Joy Behar’s questions against her. He did it on live TV. The rapper made his way to the show years ago, and bashed Behar at the very same moment she talked about the “white people”  who call police officers on black folks for doing everyday stuff.

Behar asked the raper about the people who call police on black people. According to him, these people always call the police on anyone. Cameras are the only difference now.

He is right about the whole thing. People of this kind like to take it out on others.

Amanda Prestigiacomo said that on “Tuesday’s episode of “The View,” Joy Behar tried to bait 50 cent with her racial questions. But, things did not go her way.

“It’s an epidemic these days,” Behar said. She went on adding questions about people who get targeted by these guys.

But, 50 cent did not fell for the bait. “These are specific people’s actions. It wouldn’t matter what color the person is, that person is calling the cops for anything.”

“You think?” asked Behar, and yes, she was slightly disappointed.

“Yeah,” 50 Cent said.

“Well, there seems to be more of it lately,” Behar too desperate to proceed with her plan.

“Well, it’s being caught because of the cameras,” he logically replied.

We would really like Behar to stop doing things of this kind, and stop harassing people on TV. She thinks her plans will always work, but 50 Cent was not buying any of that. He knew where she was going.

But, Behar keeps doing this. She did that in so many occasions. Remember the Charley Pride incident? The View co-hosts are awful in every aspect. Whoopi Goldberg and the gang are too ignorant to understand that people busted their fake info and baits.

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