Michelle Caught Spending Evening With Rock Star After Barack ‘Screwed Up Bad’

Michelle Obama is furious, and we have been tracking the former first lady’s movements ever since she went unexpectedly to Spain at the end of August. Now, Michelle looked utterly stunned as she was caught red-handed sneaking away with a major rock star late at night after Barack admitted he is in deep trouble. You don’t want to miss this.

Most Americans are aware that Barack Obama decided to get back into the political arena last week. First, the former president made a big speech at the University of Illinois, followed by appearances throughout California, and the entire time he was lying, twisting his record while he trashed President Donald Trump.

There was a clear desperation to Obama’s speeches. It was almost like he was campaigning himself. Well, not only is he desperate, he is scared to death. And Michele Obama got furious when she found out why her husband is campaigning like it’s his head on the chopping block. His head is on the chopping block, and that’s when she took off to Spainon August 29th, alone.

Mrs. Obama found out at the end of August that Barack was intending on doing these campaign-like speeches, having to admit to her he screwed up bad, after President Trump confronted Barack with this tweet on August 29th: “‘The Obama people did something that’s never been done…They spied on a rival presidential campaign. Would it be OK if Trump did it next? I am losing faith that our system is on the level. I’m beginning to think it is rotten & corrupt. Scary stuff Obama did.’ @TuckerCarlson DOJ.”

Barack’s scared to death that if the GOP keeps control of Congress, he could find himself under indictment. The Conservative Treehouse reports, “Many media outlets are now carrying the former Presidents’ daily speeches live during their broadcasts.  There is a visible sense of panic amid the far-left apparatchik.”

They add, “One thing stands as abundantly clear, the former president is afraid – very afraid. Former President Obama is acting like a man who knows there is a strong likelihood a win for President Trump in the mid-terms means all of the corruption discovered during Obama’s administration will surface. When campaigning today Obama says: ‘things can get worse.’ He’s right. Things likely will get much, much worse…. FOR HIM.”

Everything is being controlled, scripted, and planned. On the surface, it might seem like former President Obama is violating every polite political custom with his Trump bashing, something former president’s do not do. But for Obama this isn’t just an effort to win seats in the mid-term election; the real motive is to save himself.

So what does Michelle do after learning about Barack’s major screw-ups may be coming to light? She jets to Spain accompanied by no one. The Daily Mail reported, “The former first lady, 54, was spotted on [August 30th] breaking a sweat while out on a hike in the mountains. She kept a low profile during the outing, shielding her face behind a pair of sunglasses.”

Once again, she’s ditched Barack for a rock star. People are all abuzz about her sneaking away with Bruce Springsteen. Twitter was on fire after spotting Michelle, looking like she’s wearing pajamas with clunky high-heels, as she runs toward an SUV with Springsteen at her side after one of his performances:

People actually thought their behavior was strange, and the former first lady didn’t help the rumors by the way she was utterly shocked cameras caught the pair getting whisked away. In fact, now we find out the night Michelle is secluded somewhere with “the Boss” is the same day Barack’s delivering that horrendous speech at the University of Illinois.

It leaves seasoned reporters scratching their heads. Chicago is Michelle’s hometown, so why wouldn’t she be accompanying Barack back home? It’s simple, she is distancing herself from her husband. Michelle is not stupid, and she has decided to play it safe. Michelle is fully aware that he’s consumed with fear over his alleged criminal deeds coming to light, and she getting ready to do what she has to do to save her own skin.

What a tangled web of corruption. Barack and Michelle know if the Democrats gain control of Congress, they will end any and all investigations into Obama’s tenure as president, most importantly his knowledge and consent of the illegal spying on the Trump campaign by Barack’s DOJ and FBI.

Every patriot should spread the word: The Obamas are scared to death of the GOP keeping control of Congress, so let’s give them their worst nightmare. Michelle can distance herself all she wants, but if she knew about the illegal spying and did nothing, she should face justice, too.

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