Hillary Clinton PETRIFIED After This Video Is Leaked – Watch It Before It’s TAKEN DOWN

We know what kind of a person Hillary Clinton is.

She is a crooked criminal and has a problem with lying.

She will not be able to hide her dirty secrets for long.

Hillary Clinton’s honesty has been suspected for a while. It has been proven that fifty-seven percent of the American people see Hillary Clinton as an untrustworthy person. A video that came out recently went viral and her credibility and approval rating continue to plummet. With irrefutable proof that Hillary Clinton lied about sending classified information over her private email server, fifty-eight percent think that Hillary Clinton knowingly lied to America about it.

The poll also found out that Americans are wary of the Iran deal. Three-quarters of those surveyed do not think Iran can be trusted and eighteen percent have confidence in the country. When asked how they would vote if they were members of Congress, fifty-eight percent said they would reject the deal, while thirty-one percent would be for it.

According to our source, USA Politics Today, many of Hillary Clinton’s emails were sent loaded up with classified information. But a new ad will finish the destruction she has already caused to the political party and will probably put Hillary out of a future presidential race.

The ad is called “Failed Leadership,” and it was created by conservative America Rising PAC and is showing Americans the behind-the-scenes investigation over the email controversy that Hillary Clinton and her liberal goons don’t want you to see. In the short video that you are going to see, you will see Hillary Clinton uttering false statements, juxtaposed with media professionals questioning the former Secretary of State’s honesty when the truth gets revealed.

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